Probation Department

Sylvania  Municipal Court

The Sylvania  Municipal Court Probation Department consists of one chief probation officer, and three probation officers.

Second Floor
6700 Monroe St.
P: 419-885-8975 Option 5
F: 419-885-5724
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

The Probation Department is responsible for conducting pre-sentence investigation reports as ordered by the court. It also supervises and monitors any order of the court, which may include the following: alcohol/drug treatment, AA meetings, drug testing, community service, restitution and psychological counseling.

A $20 fee will be assessed to reschedule any condition of probation.

Driver Intervention Programs

Driver intervention programs include: Northwest Beacon Counseling and Talbot Services.  These programs have been certified by the State of Ohio. They have been developed as an alternative to 72 consecutive hours of incarceration for first time driving under the influence offenders.

Northwest Beacon Counseling and Talbot Services also offer a 6 day driver intervention program. This program is an alternative to 144 consecutive hours of incarceration where ordered by the court.

Alcohol/Drug/Psychological Counseling

The Probation Department furnishes a list of qualified agencies who can provide an assessment and recommendation for those ordered to alcohol, drug or psychological counseling. Please contact the Probation Department for more information.

Community Service

In appropriate cases, defendants are sentenced to perform hours of service as ordered by the court, as an alternative to jail. The Probation Department currently assigns defendants to eleven different nonprofit agencies.

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