Sylvania Municipal Court Building, Sylvania

Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Sylvania  Municipal Court  handles cases seeking up to $15,000. The cases usually are personal injury and property damage, contracts and forcible entry and detainer (evictions).

6700 Monroe St.
Civil Division
P: 419-885-8975 Option 3
F: 419-885-8987

Filing Fees

Complaint (Contracts, Money, Replevin, etc.)
One Defendant $105
Each Additional Defendant $10
Landlord Complaint
One Defendant, First Cause $110
One Defendant, First and Second Cause $125
Each Additional Defendant
Personal Service $15
Certified Mail Service $10
Writ of Restitution $15
Revivor $40
Reactivate a dismissed case $25
Alias Service
Certified Mail $10
Personal Service $15
Foreign Service $15
Writ of Attachment $25
Deposit for Execution of Property $250
Plus Three Appraiser Fees at $25 Each $75
Proceeding in Aid of Execution (Debtor Exam) $25
Non-Wage Garnishment $25
Additional Check Made Payable to Respondent $1
Wage Garnishment $40
Certificate of Judgment $10
Foreign Judgment/Exemplified Transcript $15
Jury Deposit $200
Revocation of License $10
Creditor’s Bill $40
Subpoena $10
Witness Fee (Per Half Day) $6
Plus Mileage Fee of $0.505 Per Half Mile
License Suspension Appeal $65
Transfer Transcript to Common Pleas $25
Plus Money Order Made Payable to Lucas County Clerk of Court
Transfer Transcript to Court of Appeals $25
Plus Money Order Made Payable to Clerk of Court
Small Claims
One Defendant $50
Each Additional Defendant $10
Amended Complaint, Each Defendant $10
Trusteeship Filing Fee $25
Each Additional Creditor Added After 30 Days $3
Marriage Fee $15
Copy Fee
Per Page $0.10
Certified $2

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